Friday, February 3, 2012

Still counting.

(Although I have not been posting these here - I have been counting and thanking.)

115. the first thing in the morning snuggle of the littlest boy.

116. a deep breath of dusky summer air

117. the stirring of wind-touched trees

118. ... and ears to hear the sounds

119. a good place to live and make a home

120. the Father's protection over my boys

121. a new season of life and all the surprises that my Lord has planned ahead

122. new and good friends

123. the coolness of a rain-drizzled morning after days of hanging heat

124. a child's footsteps in the morning

125. a colourful stripey cup

126. a God who came

127. the He is full of compassion

128. good books

129. laughter

130. the astounding variety of bird calls

131. the laughing call of a kookaburra

132. memories floating by on my computer screen

133. the dry cracking buzz of a cicada in flight

134. the focussed interest of a boy- intent on catching skimmer bugs to give them 'a happy life' in his aquarium

135. the sun rising and casting more light

136. the early light creeping down the trees

137. the sure knowledge of His great love

138. the mist hanging low on the hills

139. the opportunity to teach

140. a child's excitement that wakes him early and keeps him up

141. quiet that bookends my day

142. being home

143. garbage trucks trundling away my rubbish

144. a dad and his wife who look for ways to bless us all the while pouring love and attention into the boys

145. the boisterous sounds of boys at play

I want to keep counting, to keep naming, to keep being aware - because I am finding that in this simple act of naming His gifts given to me, I am seeing Him.

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