Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Slow down

I have just put the boys to bed.

It is often at these moments that I glimpse what is vitally important
a slow tasting of time with them.

Sometimes I believe I am too busy to slow even then - there's the dishes to do, the rooms to be tidied, the laundry to be put away, there's the... and the .... and the... and the list goes on.

To slow down, to take the time to really see and to truly listen - that is my privilege as a mother. It is my privilege to see how their hearts are growing. To listen to their stories.
But, oh, how rarely do I really do that.
There is always the next thing to be done -
usually something that feels terribly urgent, but is not vital.
At least not in God's economy.

As their breathing slows, I take the time to breathe. Relishing the very breath that God has given me. Reminding myself how very dependent I am on the Breath of Life - the God of heaven and earth.

Thank You, dearest Father - for bedtime.
For all the precious reminders to slow down. And live.

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