Monday, February 7, 2011

Another Monday

73. a waking glimpse of blue sky and sunshine

74. mist draped hills - beauty surrounding us

75. a roof that keeps out the rain

76. sweet words from my sleepy boy

77. hearing S reading aloud and enjoying it

78. a soft bed

79. sleep - the restfulness of closing my eyes

80. meeting a new friend, who has the mark of a kindred heart about her

81. the caress of a gentle wind - reminding me that Your Spirit is all around me

82. This day...

Yes, this day - whatever it may hold is a gift from You, Father. Thank You.

Please help me to abide in You this day.
To draw from no other source but You.
Please gently remind me when my heart goes elsewhere.
Help me to be ready... with joyful gratitude.

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