Sunday, November 28, 2010

Monday - another beginning

60. for Ann Voskamp and the Voskamp family: for their kind generosity to freely share their Jesse Tree Advent book - to help others of us anticipate the coming of Jesus

61. warm sun

62. the protection of our Father

63. God's healing hands

64. a God and Father Who hears us

65. his earnest eyes

66. the sun fraying the rain clouds

67. a glimpse of grace

68. raindrops to diamonds

69. his thoughtfulness

70. a mother and her husband who will travel over oceans to be with us, to help with dinner, to hang out wash, to wash dishes, to take the boys to the park - just to do life with us.

71. a warm cuppa tea in the morning

72. the restful silence of early morning before the activity of life begins

For these few gifts and a thousand more I did not recognise - Thank You Father.

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